Genealogic market

We propose this survey to evaluate what interest can trigger the introduction of a section in which to buy and offer genealogy research.

General informations

We are not interested in knowing your data, but if you want to receive a warning when launching, leave us a contact.
We know that you might be interested in more areas, but the purpose is a simple poll.

Prices informations

An accurate genealogical research needs a clear assessment meter. How can we quantify the work?
A system based on the number of hours is not uniform, it could be discussed; it's way better to consider the number of acts found (birth, baptism, marriage, death).
Whether you intend to request them (by paying) or find them for someone else (by earning), let us know how much you would evaluate a single act. Do not be superficial: finding a single act may take several hours of work and tens of miles of travel; but also do not overdraw, try to set an average price.